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The simplest and most detailed process for obtaining an event permit

The process of applying for an event permit is a necessary procedure prior to organizing any event. Depending on the nature and purpose of the event, the organizing entity must prepare various documents in accordance with regulations. In the following article, HCMC Events will introduce you to the most detailed and simplest process for obtaining an event permit.

Is the process of obtaining an event permit difficult?

Essentially, an event permit is a legal basis ensuring that the event takes place in accordance with legal regulations. Therefore, businesses or representatives need to obtain permits from authorized agencies before implementing the program. Failure to obtain or obtain approval for a permit and still organizing the event will result in penalties according to state regulations.

Additionally, when granted an event permit, the organizing entity receives the protection of the State. Any disruptive, disorderly, or copyright-infringing behavior will be promptly addressed.

Applying for an event permit is an important task to ensure that the event takes place in accordance with legal regulations.

The detailed process of applying for an event permit includes:

Step 1: Businesses prepare complete documentation as required by law.

Step 2: Submitting the application. At this step, businesses can submit applications directly to the competent authority or use the internet or courier services. The submission method may vary depending on the regulations of the agencies.

Step 3: The competent authority reviews and grants the permit for the application.

Step 4: You will receive the permit if the application is approved. If it does not meet the requirements, the authority will provide a specific written explanation to the organizing entity.

Details of the required documents when applying for an event permit:

As mentioned above, each event has its own requirements for permit application documents. Let HCMC Events list the required documents for some common types of events as follows:

  • Conference, seminar organization:
    • Certificate of legal status of the organizing agency.
    • Permit application form as required.
    • Copies of documents presenting the event content or project, seminar organization plan.
    • Copies of documents related to the chosen venue.
  • Press conference organization:
    • Press conference permit application form as required.
    • Business registration certificate of the organizing unit.
    • Supplementary documents regarding content, purpose, performance license, etc.
  • Music program organization:
    • Application for music event permit.
    • Copies of the operating license of the organizing unit (notarized by the competent authority).
    • Contract for venue rental, confirmed by the lessor.
    • Compilation of music list and recording of lyrics for all performed songs.
    • Copyright registration certificate for the songs.
  • Fashion show organization:
    • Application for fashion show event permit.
    • Information about designers and models participating in the program.
    • Drafts of design samples, music used in the performance.
    • Contract for venue rental, confirmed by the lessor.
    • Rehearsal of the program at least 5 days in advance.
  • Art exhibition organization:
    • Application for art exhibition event permit.
    • List of exhibited artworks, exhibition content at the event.
    • Information about the authors of each artwork.
    • Contract for venue rental, confirmed by the lessor.
    • Invitation letter to attend the event.
    • Application for exhibition permit.

Frequently asked questions in the event permit application process:

Despite understanding the detailed process of applying for an event permit, the practical implementation may not be easy. Here are some frequently asked questions during the permit application process:

  • Who has the authority to grant event permits?

Depending on the nature and purpose of the event, the event will be permitted by specific agencies. Therefore, the organizing entity needs to be well-informed about the relevant agencies to proceed with the application.

In addition to the authorities mentioned above, small events held at fairs, schools, etc., need approval from the management board, venue owner, or principal. Events with large gatherings, prone to crowd disruptions, should be reported to the urban order management agency to ensure safety.

  • Time for permit approval:

According to the latest regulations updated in 2024, businesses must submit complete event permit applications at least 10 days before the event. However, for fashion shows, the submission period for draft approval is at least 30 days.

The application process requires a minimum approval time of 10 days.

Some general notes to know:

Regardless of the type of event, the organizing process plays a crucial role and requires a significant investment of time and money. Therefore, businesses should consider some important points compiled by HCMC Events below to ensure a smooth permit application process according to the plan:

  • Complete permit applications early to minimize risks and unforeseen circumstances.
  • The person in charge of preparing the application should have a thorough understanding of the event’s information and legal regulations to save time and costs.
  • All documents and declarations must ensure transparency and accuracy according to regulations.
  • The person responsible for the permit application must ensure the transparency and accuracy of the event.

Above, HCMC Events has clarified the process of applying for an event permit in accordance with current regulations. Therefore, organizing entities need to fully comply with all steps to ensure that the event is legally and successfully organized. For detailed advice on full-service event organization, please contact us at the following information:

Tel: 0989.496.239 – 0913.311.911 Website:  Email: info@hoabinhtourist.comlan.pham@hoabinh-group.com Northern Branch: 29 Doan Thi Diem Street, Quoc Tu Giam Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi Central Branch: 217 Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City Southern Branch: 5 Hoa Cau Street, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City

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The simplest and most detailed process for obtaining an event...

The process of applying for an event permit is a necessary procedure prior to organizing any event.[...]